In this episode, we stumble back to our mics with October rants and delights. After a somewhat sticky start, we launch into a topic-packed hour of just the sort of loosely-connected content you all haven’t been missing. We are here now. Are you? After William donates to a mystery candidate, he unlocks The Age of Emails and searches for a way to unsubscribe to the election. Scott battles with a lower-than-Eliza-level (look it up, nerds) personal assistant who ironically doesn’t understand the concept of mobile devices. Shorn T., Phone Home! We agree that nobody ordered iMessage a la modal. Heck, we don’t even have time to fade in. William has gone far Beyond the Porch and back and shares his thoughts on his recent trip to Hawaii. It’s all about sunscreen, crafty mosquitoes, introverted snorkeling and some isolated yak shaving in a bitchin’ Camaro drop-top “upgrade”. Join Diabetic Gecko and their opening band Live Liquid Lava for a tropical tour of the Big Island. The walk alone might kill you. Music in Rearview is next as we dig deep into the music bucket and find the curiously-titled “Octoberfest – Octoberfest (Octoberfest)” by Octoberfest on Octoberfest Records straight from the high-energy and over-hyphenated Germans (of which I appear to be one). Weasels are shot. Tens are zoomed. Alex Lifeson pops in to screw up the tempo. Languages are not translated well. Oompahs are all over the place before we are done. Now THAT’S a drunken autumnal party! After we discover that all the October holidays are screwed up, Scott leaves on a quest for the Andes, William gives up and turns nasty, and we glide to the end with a 20-minute post-credit bonus segment on television horror porn masquerading as drama for some reason. That’ll teach ya!

Oktoberfest – Oktoberfest: So singt’s und klingt’s auf der Wies’n
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