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Try as you might, there’s just no escaping this episode! We begin with some breaking (baking?) potato news that proves you can have your cake and not eat it too. Scott is three-sheds to the wind as a powerful sheddiction takes hold of his family. Will Santa’s little helper win the battle of rooftop décor? Who will be forced to live above Mr. C’s garage? I shedder to think of it. We shed just move on. William gets some much needed advice on the art of taking vacations from the irreplaceable Master we’d all love to replace. We rant about the latest harbinger of the End of Days – the Amazon DASH button and find that we have more questions than answers. William shares a story of not escaping an escape room, which prompts Scott to up the ante in a NSFER way before suggesting an idea that hits a bit too close to home. Turns out there’s no escaping the enigma of parenthood. We end with Music in Rearview as we visit with the Sith Lord Roy Clark (Darth Fingers) for 37 minutes of pleasure wrapped up in a 36.73-minute shell. All this for under a buck! Impressive. Most impressive. We delve into the mystery that is Hee-Haw and the mystery that is Roy Clark’s impending non-death before William has some kind of podcasting meltdown and we decide to get out while the getting is good.

Locurio – The Vanishing Act
Roy Clark – Yesterday, When I Was Young
Roy Clark discography

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