– By William Cooper

This is an episode largely about video games, but also not about video games. It’s actually an episode about how we spend our time and the ways that our time is both valuable to us, and also up for sale. Everything is monetized these days. Efficiency is time. Time is money. Money is more money. And with more money, you can buy more efficiency. And so it goes.

When it comes to selling your time, there’s always a hook, and once you bite that hook, you are just a fish on the highway of life. Except that I guess you can’t breathe out of water. Maybe it’s more the river of life. Somebody has a boat. There’s probably a cooler full of beer involved and some nice sandwiches, and a hat and some sunscreen, because you can’t be too careful.

Point is, despite how busy we are, and how creatively and constructively we use up the time left over after jobs, families, and the routine of living takes its share, there’s still often some excess. We work hard to one day get more of that excess. And that excess is up for grabs.

And who grabs our excess time? Well you’ll have to spend 45 minutes or so of your own time listening to find out.

See what I did there?

In this episode, we grapple time and things that devour time. William discovers that his wife is the next Bill Gates and reacts to Getting Things Done by running and screaming to the safe havens of paper, pencil, and plausible deniability. Scott first breaks the laws of the State of Ohio to celebrate a positive life change with the good folks at the BMV and then honors the laws of math with a slight correction. From there we launch into the heady world of in-app purchases. William feeds fake food to fake cats for real money, battles Tubbs, and tries to achieve 100 percent cats before he achieves 100 percent broke. Inspired by the Daytona 500, Scott drives his Gambling Addiction Training Program to virtual glory and starts on his 480-hour journey to racing domination or in-app whale status, whatever comes first. Finally, after William’s harrowing tale of accidental multi-player abuse, we experience the DNA echoes of Rush’s Hemispheres with a part of a part of of a prelude to other parts, which still takes us most of the month to hear (and we don’t complain about it a bit).

Getting Things Done
Neko Atsume
Real Racing 3
Rush: Hemispheres Picture Disc

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